Multibanco reference (Portugal)

After placing an order, an ATM reference is generated and displayed at the end of the order. This reference will also be saved in the order that you can consult in your customer area. You must use the Entity, Reference and Amount in any Multibanco or Homebanking service. We will receive communication of the paid reference instantly, so your order will be processed after this confirmation. Your order will be canceled after 3 days if payment has not been made. Orders are processed by payment order, so we only guarantee stock availability after payment confirmation.

(The name that will appear on the bank statement will be "IF THEN").

MBWay (Portugal)

During the order completion process, you will be asked for your phone number associated with your MBWay. You must enter your mobile phone number and continue with the ordering process, at the end you will receive a notification from the MBWay platform with the amount to be paid which you must accept to validate the payment.

Paypal and Credit Card

Use this method if you have a credit card or a Paypal account where you can pay with your balance. Payment confirmation is instantaneous, so your order will be processed after this confirmation.

(The name that will appear on the transaction statement will be "PAYPAL" or "PURA LOGICA").

Cash on Delivery

We do not ship with Cash on Delivery.

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